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Fishing Reports

Lobster boat in front of Sandy Neck Lighthouse on Barnstable harbor

the season begins

The season begins with the first fish… After almost a week of strong steady easterly winds, the fog rolled in and the seas calmed. Many fisherman have their beliefs as to when the first fish arrive in the harbor. Some… Read More »the season begins

2 fly rods lined and ready for action

saltwater fly fishing

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As a Cape Cod Saltwater Fly Fishing Guide for more than twenty years, I have guided hundreds of striped bass anglers aboard my 20’ center console boat.  In those years my clients have been experts, novices, and everyone in between. … Read More »saltwater fly fishing

Welcome to the west…

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When opportunity knocks, the best plan is to answer, so welcome to the west… Earlier this month I was invited to Ennis Lake, MT to do some fishing. Sounded like a good plan so I accepted. I hadn’t fished in… Read More »Welcome to the west…

Man on a sand flat fly fishing

Fly Fishing and COVID-19

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Fly Fishing and COVID-19 Fly Fishing during the year of COVID-19, like everything else in our lives, will likely be different than in past seasons.  What exactly that means, is yet to be determined.  Of course, you are “social distancing” … Read More »Fly Fishing and COVID-19