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September Striper Blitz

Fall Striper Blitz

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Fall Striper Blitz As a fish­ing guide there are so many ques­tions asked.  A favorite ques­tion is, “What’s the best time to fish for in Barn­sta­ble Har­bor?”.  One of the answers to that ques­tion is dur­ing the Fall Striper Blitz. … Read More »Fall Striper Blitz

September Fly Fishing Cape Cod

September Fishing

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Sep­tem­ber Fish­ing The cal­en­dar may still read August, nev­er­the­less, Sep­tem­ber Fish­ing is here.  The birds are all over the har­bor, chas­ing schools of striped bass and mak­ing their mark on all of the boats moored in the har­bor. Barn­sta­ble Har­bor… Read More »Sep­tem­ber Fishing

Fisherman are optimists…

…oth­er­wise, we would nev­er go fish­ing again after a, shall we say, less lucra­tive day of fish­ing. Yes­ter­day was the trip of “min­is’.  What­ev­er year-class these fish are, they are abun­dant this year. Nev­er­the­less, they aren’t real­ly “the goal”.