The Best Inshore Fishing on Cape Cod Bay

Barnstable Harbor Fly and Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Barnstable Harbor Fly and Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Sight-fish for striped bass across sandy flats or stalk them as they are feeding along craggy shorelines.  Chase high flyin’ terns across the bay to locate and cast at pods of hungry striped bass and feisty bluefish.

Salty Fly’s guided fishing trips depart from Cape Cod’s Barnstable Marina; home of the Mattakeese Wharf Restaurant and the Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises.  Pack a sandwich, your favorite fishing hat, and your polarized sunglasses for a morning (or afternoon) of fishing.

Capt’n Avery’s comfortable and “well-appointed” 20′ Jones Brothers 1910 center console with its quiet 150HP 4-stroke Yamaha engine provides a comfortable fishing platform for up to 3 anglers.  Enjoy a personalized angling adventure and discover the secrets of Barnstable Harbor, one of the best striped bass fishing destinations in the world.

Salty Fly Charters supplies all the gear, fishing tips, local knowledge and a friendly atmosphere for you to have a great day on the water.  If fishing isn’t your thing, book a Harbor or Birding Tour with Capt’n Avery and see close up the famous Sandy Neck Lighthouse, and the flora & fauna that make Barnstable Harbor such a special place.

We also offer Sandy Neck Catered Dinner Picnics with Chef Sally.  Our picnics are a great opportunity to enjoy a Cape Cod experience typically reserved only for locals.

You were great!  We all had a blast and thank you for providing memories for a lifetime. 

From start to finish you were solid…and the fish did their part.  Just spectacular. 

Dan A.


Fall Striper Blitz

Fall Striper Blitz As a fishing guide there are so many questions asked.  A favorite question is, "What's the best time to fish for in Barnstable Harbor?".  One of the answers to that question is during the Fall Striper Blitz.  "When is the Fall Striper Blitz?" Now,...
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September Fishing

September Fishing The calendar may still read August, nevertheless, September Fishing is here.  The birds are all over the harbor, chasing schools of striped bass and making their mark on all of the boats moored in the harbor. Barnstable Harbor fly fishing has some of...
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August Stripers

Cape Cod Bay is "lighting up" with August Stripers! There are some days when I get to go out on the boat and I don't go fishing.  I call them "beach days".  With out of town guests in tow, a beach day was had on Barnstable's "west bar".  Swimming, sand castles, &...
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July Fishing & Beach Picnics

July Fishing It's here!  July fishing is for the birds, I mean it's the season to look for the birds.  Birds mean fish!  Fish mean fun.  Come fish with Salty Fly Cape Cod and enjoy Barnstable Harbor's summer fishing.  Fish balls, sand eels, sight fishing and casting...
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A Fly Fishing Guide’s Busman’s Holiday

So when the phone rings, and the voice on the other end says "I'm a guide" and I'm wondering if you have any availability tomorrow morning for a "Busman's holiday", the answer has to be YES!  At least it has to be yes when the voice is that of Eric "Huf" Hufnagel of...
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Really Back In Action

After and before the northeaster, we got a nice day on the water casting at diving birds and slurping stripers.  Most of the fish were on the small side, but a couple of "reasonably" sized fish showed up including this 30 incher, It was a good day on the water for...
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Back In Action

After a long winter of repairs and replacement parts, the Gravy is back in the water and riding high.  In fact, she can now reach a top speed of 43 mph, a pinnacle that she he hasn't reached in many years. As for fishing, that's the goal.  Barnstable Harbor and Cape...
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Pretty Fly Taking a Ride

  This fly was really just along for the ride as today was an atypical live-bait day orchestrated by my friend Brandon. Nevertheless, today's first super hot day felt like a mid-July day with the stripers down deep on the bottom.  No surface action to speak of...
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Spring Fishing

Spring fishing is around the corner, however, if you go outside today you'd wonder why.  It's chilly.  And windy.   Oh yeah, that's a Cape Cod spring. The whales are in the bay.  Right whales in record numbers.  The herring are making their way up the runs into the...
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Gravy undergoes a Renovation

As many of you know, last spring my fuel tank went bad.  Last summer I ran the boat with a 12 gallon portable fuel tank.  There were many trips to the fuel dock as 12 gallons of gas was enough for two trips, but not enough for two trips and peace of mind. Further...
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