A Fly Fishing Guide’s Busman’s Holiday

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Park City Fly Fishing

Park City Fly Fishing

So when the phone rings, and the voice on the oth­er end says “I’m a guide” and I’m won­der­ing if you have any avail­abil­i­ty tomor­row morn­ing for a “Bus­man­’s hol­i­day”, the answer has to be YES!  At least it has to be yes when the voice is that of Eric “Huf” Huf­nagel of Park City Fly Fish­ing Guides.

Pet Fish:

From the moment he stepped on the boat, we had a great time.  First we vis­it­ed the mari­na’s “pet” fish and got a close-up look at how well-trained striped bass can be.  These fish are amaz­ing, you put your hand out as if to feed them, and they look up at you ready to eat.

We were hard­ly out of the har­bor, while in typ­i­cal “guide” fash­ion I was dis­cussing my plan for the morn­ing, when I looked up and saw gen­tly break­ing fish.  In just one or two casts, Huf was hooked up.  He was bring­ing the biggest catch of the day to the boat when the snort of a seal star­ing at us from 20 feet off of the boat caught my atten­tion.  Suf­fice it to say that we both agreed to return that fish to the sea as quick­ly as pos­si­ble to save from becom­ing preda­tor to the oh-so-kind-of-not-so-cute har­bor seal.

After the pod of break­ing fish qui­et­ed down, we spent the rest of the morn­ing sight fish­ing in shal­low water.  There is not doubt that try­ing to feed fish on the flats would be much eas­i­er were they as well trained as the pet fish at the dock.  But isn’t that the fun of it all!

Thanks Huf for anoth­er great day on the water!!!!

Also, look­ing for­ward to an adven­ture out west to check out Park City Fly Fish­ing Guides.