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A Fly Fishing Guide’s Busman’s Holiday

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Park City Fly Fishing

Park City Fly Fishing

So when the phone rings, and the voice on the other end says “I’m a guide” and I’m wondering if you have any availability tomorrow morning for a “Busman’s holiday”, the answer has to be YES!  At least it has to be yes when the voice is that of Eric “Huf” Hufnagel of Park City Fly Fishing Guides.

Pet Fish:

From the moment he stepped on the boat, we had a great time.  First we visited the marina’s “pet” fish and got a close-up look at how well-trained striped bass can be.  These fish are amazing, you put your hand out as if to feed them, and they look up at you ready to eat.

We were hardly out of the harbor, while in typical “guide” fashion I was discussing my plan for the morning, when I looked up and saw gently breaking fish.  In just one or two casts, Huf was hooked up.  He was bringing the biggest catch of the day to the boat when the snort of a seal staring at us from 20 feet off of the boat caught my attention.  Suffice it to say that we both agreed to return that fish to the sea as quickly as possible to save from becoming predator to the oh-so-kind-of-not-so-cute harbor seal.

After the pod of breaking fish quieted down, we spent the rest of the morning sight fishing in shallow water.  There is not doubt that trying to feed fish on the flats would be much easier were they as well trained as the pet fish at the dock.  But isn’t that the fun of it all!

Thanks Huf for another great day on the water!!!!

Also, looking forward to an adventure out west to check out Park City Fly Fishing Guides.