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Capt. A

Graphic of storm signal flags

Wind, wind, wind!

Wind, wind, wind! There has been so much wind. I have relied on weather apps for years now and have always found them to be pretty accurate. Not this year. Consistently I am experiencing wind speeds that are 5-10 mph… Read More »Wind, wind, wind!

Sunrising over the water with a bent fishing rod

Spring 2024

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Spring 2024 has begun with a good-ish start. There have not been a lot of fish caught, but the fish that have been caught have been mostly “keepers”. That’s not bad, but it’s not great either. I’m not an expert… Read More »Spring 2024

Garmin Echomap GPS/Sonar unit

Fish Finder

What’s a fish finder in your mind? To me, it’s a person who finds fish. To others, it’s a machine with bright colors. I’ve never used a fish finder to find fish. In fact, I had always had the “fish… Read More »Fish Finder

Bonefishing in the Bahamas, guide and angler on a flats boat ready to fish

BusMan’s Holiday

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So they say that a busman’s holiday is time away from work when you do something similar to your usual work instead of having a rest from it. Bonefishing in Bahamas might qualify as a busman’s holiday for a fishing… Read More »BusMan’s Holiday

Cheeky Fly Reels Logo

Gearing Up for 2024

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Another winter storm passes, rain on the cape, snow in the mountains. I’ve yet to go skiing (very soon…) still I’m already gearing up for the 2024 Fishing Season. Welcome my two brand new Cheeky “Spray” fly reels! The one… Read More »Gearing Up for 2024

boat fenders laid out for pre-winter storage

Another season…

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…is over. Always such a sad day when the boat gets pulled for the season. Nevertheless, it was another fantastic season!!! THANK YOU TO ALL that helped to make it so. The fishing was good, the weather cooperative, and the… Read More »Another season…