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MaY Fishing is the best

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man in a blue shirt and blue hat holding a striped bass with swirling clouds in the backgroudn

Yep, May fishing is the best. Well, that is unless the wind is blowing, or the rain is falling. But typically May brings some nice weather and most importantly, the fish!

In fact, last May we had some of the best fishing of the season. There was one weekend when everybody on the water was just yelling at each other “this is epic”!

blue shirted man holding out a fishing fly

Of course, there are no promises when it comes to fishing. Nevertheless, whenever I’m asked what are my favorite times to fish I always answer May in the spring and September in the fall. Both these times of year tend have good fishing and no crowds on the water.


Early June can be good as well, but as the weather gets better, the people show up. Amazingly, the people all disappear again after Labor Day.

small sand eel/lance held in pliers
MaY Fishing is the best

Fly or light tackle, whichever your preference, come fish Barnstable Harbor. We have some of the best inshore fishing around. Barnstable Harbor’s protected waters offer anglers and opportunity to focus on catching, you don’t have to focus (too much) on not falling off the boat.

Further, when you fish with us, you are your day begins within a few minutes of boarding the boat. There are not long runs before you’ll be casting.

Striped bass are the target species, but sometimes bluefish and even bonito show up.

And, with Barnstable Harbor’s big tides, if you don’t like the conditions, just wait 15 minutes. The tide will change drastically before your eyes!

Young man with a big striped bass
blue shirt man holding a striped bass

MaY Fishing is the best

So I think you get the point. Book your charter ‘cuz you don’t want to miss a thing!