August Stripers

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August Stripers

Cape Cod Bay is “lighting up” with August Stripers!

There are some days when I get to go out on the boat and I don’t go fish­ing.  I call them “beach days”.  With out of town guests in tow, a beach day was had on Barn­sta­ble’s “west bar”.  Swim­ming, sand cas­tles, & walks, even a vis­it from the Ice Cream Boat made for a per­fect beach day. Until…

I looked up and saw a herd of boats just off of the “east bar”, or in oth­er words, in my fish­ing zone.  As quick­ly as pos­si­ble I gath­ered my guests onto the boat and off we went to inves­ti­gate.  Things did­n’t look nor­mal.  There were no div­ing birds or break­ing fish.  The boats were all very close togeth­er mov­ing slow­ly.  There were fish­ing rods in hand, but there was no cast­ing.  Clos­er inspec­tion revealed lines over the side in the man­ner of fish­ing with bait or jigs.  Final­ly I noticed that all eyes were focused on the elec­tron­ics, specif­i­cal­ly the sonar/fish finders.

The local com­mer­cial striped bass fish­er­man had heard that there were fish in the area and had all con­vened to try their luck.  I don’t know how they fared, I only know that they are gone but their fish…

Come on out and see the August Stripers.  They are here and look­ing for­ward to mak­ing your acquaintance.