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August Stripers

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August Stripers

Cape Cod Bay is “lighting up” with August Stripers!

There are some days when I get to go out on the boat and I don’t go fishing.  I call them “beach days”.  With out of town guests in tow, a beach day was had on Barnstable’s “west bar”.  Swimming, sand castles, & walks, even a visit from the Ice Cream Boat made for a perfect beach day.  Until…

I looked up and saw a herd of boats just off of the “east bar”, or in other words, in my fishing zone.  As quickly as possible I gathered my guests onto the boat and off we went to investigate.  Things didn’t look normal.  There were no diving birds or breaking fish.  The boats were all very close together moving slowly.  There were fishing rods in hand, but there was no casting.  Closer inspection revealed lines over the side in the manner of fishing with bait or jigs.  Finally I noticed that all eyes were focused on the electronics, specifically the sonar/fish finders.

The local commercial striped bass fisherman had heard that there were fish in the area and had all convened to try their luck.  I don’t know how they fared, I only know that they are gone but their fish…

Come on out and see the August Stripers.  They are here and looking forward to making your acquaintance.