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Cape cod is blustery today

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However, the birds are chirping… the Right Whales are in the bay…and spring is nearing, Cape Cod is blustery today!

My ‘things to do’ list reads: AA batteries, new road bike tires, plant fertilizer, and 8 weight fly line. Looks like somewhere along the line I noticed that on of my fly lines has gone bad. That’s good news for clients, as nothing casts better than a new Rio Outbound Short Striper fly line!

St. Patty’s day has passed, I qualify for a Covid vaccine in three days, and we are still six weeks away from seeing the early arrival striped bass. However, it’s not too early to book a spring trip.

My season officially opens on or about Cinco de Mayo. Early spring fishing is always weather dependent and sometimes quite chilly, but don’t tell the fish! Call them schoolies, or call them keepers, I love spring fishing! Very few boats, no sunburns, and hearty anglers.

So if you fit the bill, drop me an email and book a trip!

Here’s the link:

Of course, let’s touch base before you send a deposit so that we can agree on a day.

Here’s the email address:

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Cape Cod is Blustery today