Cape cod is blustery today

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How­ev­er, the birds are chirp­ing… the Right Whales are in the bay…and spring is near­ing, Cape Cod is blus­tery today!

My ‘things to do’ list reads: AA bat­ter­ies, new road bike tires, plant fer­til­iz­er, and 8 weight fly line. Looks like some­where along the line I noticed that on of my fly lines has gone bad. That’s good news for clients, as noth­ing casts bet­ter than a new Rio Out­bound Short Striper fly line!

St. Pat­ty’s day has passed, I qual­i­fy for a Covid vac­cine in three days, and we are still six weeks away from see­ing the ear­ly arrival striped bass. How­ev­er, it’s not too ear­ly to book a spring trip. 

My sea­son offi­cial­ly opens on or about Cin­co de Mayo. Ear­ly spring fish­ing is always weath­er depen­dent and some­times quite chilly, but don’t tell the fish! Call them schoolies, or call them keep­ers, I love spring fish­ing! Very few boats, no sun­burns, and hearty anglers.

So if you fit the bill, drop me an email and book a trip!

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Of course, let’s touch base before you send a deposit so that we can agree on a day.

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Cape Cod is Blustery today