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Salty Fly Cape Cod Fishing Charters

A faded Salty Fly Fishing Charters Label

Another Season Begins

Here we go… Salty Fly Cape Cod Fishing Charters… the season has begun.

The voice on the other end of the phone told me, I want a “guide”, not a “charter”. My answer, “I am a guide!” Nevertheless, google tells me that “Cape Cod Fishing Charters” is the term that “guides” people to my site!

Let me guide you to some of the best fly fishing on Cape Cod. Barnstable Harbor is the place, my 20′ center console “Gravy” will comfortably carry you to the nearby fishing grounds that are packed with striped bass.

Cross your fingers, and practice your casting because if the cards line up, the sight-fishing around here can be fantastic.

Things are different, yet in many ways the same!

Barnstable Harbor is a great place to visit

The boats are fiberglass, and they have larger engines, but Barnstable Harbor is still a step back into a simpler way of life. Fly fishing is a chance to shut down the engines, put away the phone and enjoy nature’s finest.

If fishing isn’t your thing, Salty Fly offers harbor cruises. Enjoy a peaceful journey into the Great Marsh and past the famous Sandy Neck lighthouse and cottage colony.

Captain Avery (me) is not only a seasoned fisherman, but I am is also the president of the Friends of Barnstable Harbor. Believe me, I have of information to share about the harbor environment.