Salty Fly Cape Cod Fishing Charters

A faded Salty Fly Fishing Charters Label

Another Season Begins

Here we go… Salty Fly Cape Cod Fish­ing Char­ters… the sea­son has begun.

The voice on the oth­er end of the phone told me, I want a “guide”, not a “char­ter”. My answer, “I am a guide!” Nev­er­the­less, google tells me that “Cape Cod Fish­ing Char­ters” is the term that “guides” peo­ple to my site!

Let me guide you to some of the best fly fish­ing on Cape Cod. Barn­sta­ble Har­bor is the place, my 20′ cen­ter con­sole “Gravy” will com­fort­ably car­ry you to the near­by fish­ing grounds that are packed with striped bass.

Cross your fin­gers, and prac­tice your cast­ing because if the cards line up, the sight-fish­ing around here can be fantastic.

Things are dif­fer­ent, yet in many ways the same!

Barnstable Harbor is a great place to visit

The boats are fiber­glass, and they have larg­er engines, but Barn­sta­ble Har­bor is still a step back into a sim­pler way of life. Fly fish­ing is a chance to shut down the engines, put away the phone and enjoy nature’s finest.

If fish­ing isn’t your thing, Salty Fly offers har­bor cruis­es. Enjoy a peace­ful jour­ney into the Great Marsh and past the famous Sandy Neck light­house and cot­tage colony.

Cap­tain Avery (me) is not only a sea­soned fish­er­man, but I am is also the pres­i­dent of the Friends of Barn­sta­ble Har­bor. Believe me, I have of infor­ma­tion to share about the har­bor environment.