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Cape Cod Saltwater Flies

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Cape Cod Saltwater Flies

Cape Cod Saltwater Flies

Olive and white, olive and white, olive and white.  Those are the colors of the clouser flies that I’ve always said are the THE CAPE COD SALTWATER FLIES.

But not this year.  Nope.  Everything is different this year.  The fish were two weeks late, they showed up and disappeared, re-appeared, and the Cape Cod Saltwater Flies clouser color of choice:  CHARTREUSE AND WHITE!

Chartreuse and White Clouser Fly in Striper's Mouth

A recent client said to me, “it’s always cool when fish behave fishy”.  I’m not sure that the color choice of chartreuse and white isn’t fishy, after all, there are plenty of these flies available in fly fishing stores, however, my local “fish behaving fishy” have always preferred olive and white!


Which brings me next to the purchase of flies at the fishing store.  They say that most flies are tied to attract fishermen, not so much fish.  True or not, the picture above tells the story.  The fly on the top was still catching fish when it was retired for the season because the season ended.  Many times I have had an angler request a new fly because they felt that the fly on the end of their leader was too beat up to catch a fish.  If the eyes have popped out, they get a new fly, otherwise, I recommend that they keep fishing with ragged fly and see what happens.  More often than not, they keep catching fish.

Whatever the color of fly, I’m ready to go.  So if those fishy acting fish change their mind, there’s always pink and white!

Capt. Avery Revere, June 18, 2018