Cape Cod Saltwater Flies

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Cape Cod Saltwater Flies

Cape Cod Saltwater Flies

Olive and white, olive and white, olive and white.  Those are the col­ors of the clouser flies that I’ve always said are the THE CAPE COD SALTWATER FLIES.

But not this year.  Nope.  Every­thing is dif­fer­ent this year.  The fish were two weeks late, they showed up and dis­ap­peared, re-appeared, and the Cape Cod Salt­wa­ter Flies clouser col­or of choice:  CHARTREUSE AND WHITE!

Chartreuse and White Clouser Fly in Striper's Mouth

A recent client said to me, “it’s always cool when fish behave fishy”.  I’m not sure that the col­or choice of char­treuse and white isn’t fishy, after all, there are plen­ty of these flies avail­able in fly fish­ing stores, how­ev­er, my local “fish behav­ing fishy” have always pre­ferred olive and white!


Which brings me next to the pur­chase of flies at the fish­ing store.  They say that most flies are tied to attract fish­er­men, not so much fish.  True or not, the pic­ture above tells the sto­ry.  The fly on the top was still catch­ing fish when it was retired for the sea­son because the sea­son end­ed.  Many times I have had an angler request a new fly because they felt that the fly on the end of their leader was too beat up to catch a fish.  If the eyes have popped out, they get a new fly, oth­er­wise, I rec­om­mend that they keep fish­ing with ragged fly and see what hap­pens.  More often than not, they keep catch­ing fish.

What­ev­er the col­or of fly, I’m ready to go.  So if those fishy act­ing fish change their mind, there’s always pink and white!

Capt. Avery Revere, June 18, 2018