Fall Striper Blitz

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September Striper Blitz

Fall Striper Blitz

As a fish­ing guide there are so many ques­tions asked.  A favorite ques­tion is, “What’s the best time to fish for in Barn­sta­ble Har­bor?”.  One of the answers to that ques­tion is dur­ing the Fall Striper Blitz.  “When is the Fall Striper Blitz?”

Now, is the answer!  Or per­haps, yesterday…

Last week, while Hur­ri­cane Irma was busy dec­i­mat­ing the USVI, Barn­sta­ble Har­bor host­ed some clas­sic Fall Blitz striper fish­ing.  After a sea­son of chang­ing flies for finicky fish, sud­den­ly we were back to the tried and true stan­dards of Olive & White Clousers and 9″ White Slug-gos.  The birds were work­ing and the fish were biting.

Today, Hur­ri­cane Jose brings rain and wind, for­tu­nate­ly so far, not too much of either.  The Gravy, is safe­ly on her trail­er and tucked behind the garage.  Although, she like­ly would have been just fine in her very pro­tect­ed slip at the mari­na, it makes for much bet­ter sleep­ing to have her on dry land for what (thus far) amounts to fall N’ore­ast­er storm.

Hurricanes, Fires & Earthquakes

My heart hurts from the destruc­tion of by Hur­ri­canes Har­vey, Irma and now Maria.  The images of the floods, bat­tered & wrecked homes and piles of boats & debris on the shore­line are sim­ply dev­as­tat­ing.  The for­est fires of the west are reek­ing anoth­er type of hav­oc.  And of course Mex­i­co, with its sec­ond major earth­quake in less than sev­er­al weeks weighs heav­i­ly on me.  As a New Eng­lan­der, I am famil­iar with hur­ri­cane prepa­ra­tion and win­ter storm incon­ve­niences.  I have expe­ri­enced a mag­ni­tude 6.7 earth­quake first­hand (North­ridge 1994).  I have no first­hand expe­ri­ence of for­est fires and hope to keep it that way.

Thank you to the mete­o­rol­o­gists that keep us alert to the dan­gers of poten­tial storms.  Thank you to social media for help­ing to pro­vide loved ones with infor­ma­tion as to the well-being of their fam­i­lies.  Thank you to any of you that have tak­en the time to read this blog.  I know that a Fall Striper Blitz is part of the cure to our hurt­ing hearts.

Cap­t’n Avery