July Fishing & Beach Picnics

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Cape Cod Fly Fishing

Cape Cod Fly FishingJuly Fishing

It’s here!  July fish­ing is for the birds, I mean it’s the sea­son to look for the birds.  Birds mean fish!  Fish mean fun.  Come fish with Salty Fly Cape Cod and enjoy Barn­sta­ble Har­bor’s sum­mer fish­ing.  Fish balls, sand eels, sight fish­ing and cast­ing at birds.

Kids wel­come.  We have spin­ning gear and the amaz­ing Slug-go.  Stripers can’t resist the Slug-go and every­body can make that Slug-go dance.

Of course, if fish­ing isn’t your thing, we also offer Beach Pic­nics.  Enjoy the most beau­ti­ful sun­sets from a spot reserved for locals.  Camp­fire cook­ing topped with S’mores com­plete this Cape Cod experience.

Sandy Neck Beach Picnic