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One More Cast

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Barnstable Harbor Fly Fishing: A man on the bow of a boat fly casting.

One More Cast

Fishermen are the quintessential optimists and dreamers.  It really is as simple as that.  Every cast has the potential to catch the biggest fish ever, the biggest fish of the season, or just any old fish.  One More Cast is the order of every day and of every fishing spot.  How many times have I said to my clients, “reel in, we’ve gotta move somewhere else, there’s no fish here” and BAM, fish on!

Fourteen seasons of being a fishing guide makes me an expert on everything and/or nothing, depending on the day.  There are days when fishing is so easy that it almost embarrassing to charge people to take them fishing.  Then there are the other days.  The days when the fish are either not biting, no where to be found or who knows what’s going on.

I have names for some of these days, summer doldrums, wind is from the east, if only….fortunately, one more tide, another weather front or a change in wind direction and happy, jumping feeding fish return as the order of the day.

This year we have barely scratched the surface of August, the weather is hot and muggy -oh so muggy! – and the fish are acting like it’s late August or September.  Birds are “working” over schools of breaking fish!  Moored boats are covered with the netting and other anti-bird devices that spare boats from getting pasted with tern-doo.  Hopefully these fish and these birds stick around for, you got it…

One More Cast!

Sailboat with beautiful dolphins swimming
This beautiful picture is of one of my favorite casters aboard his sailboat. He came across this pod of beautiful dolphins.