One More Cast

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Barnstable Harbor Fly Fishing: A man on the bow of a boat fly casting.

One More Cast

Fish­er­men are the quin­tes­sen­tial opti­mists and dream­ers.  It real­ly is as sim­ple as that.  Every cast has the poten­tial to catch the biggest fish ever, the biggest fish of the sea­son, or just any old fish.  One More Cast is the order of every day and of every fish­ing spot.  How many times have I said to my clients, “reel in, we’ve got­ta move some­where else, there’s no fish here” and BAM, fish on!

Four­teen sea­sons of being a fish­ing guide makes me an expert on every­thing and/or noth­ing, depend­ing on the day.  There are days when fish­ing is so easy that it almost embar­rass­ing to charge peo­ple to take them fish­ing.  Then there are the oth­er days.  The days when the fish are either not bit­ing, no where to be found or who knows what’s going on.

I have names for some of these days, sum­mer dol­drums, wind is from the east, if only.…fortunately, one more tide, anoth­er weath­er front or a change in wind direc­tion and hap­py, jump­ing feed­ing fish return as the order of the day.

This year we have bare­ly scratched the sur­face of August, the weath­er is hot and mug­gy ‑oh so mug­gy! — and the fish are act­ing like it’s late August or Sep­tem­ber.  Birds are “work­ing” over schools of break­ing fish!  Moored boats are cov­ered with the net­ting and oth­er anti-bird devices that spare boats from get­ting past­ed with tern-doo.  Hope­ful­ly these fish and these birds stick around for, you got it…

One More Cast!

Sailboat with beautiful dolphins swimming

This beau­ti­ful pic­ture is of one of my favorite cast­ers aboard his sail­boat. He came across this pod of beau­ti­ful dolphins.