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Pretty Fly Taking a Ride

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Pretty Fly


This fly was really just along for the ride as today was an atypical live-bait day orchestrated by my friend Brandon.

Nevertheless, today’s first super hot day felt like a mid-July day with the stripers down deep on the bottom.  No surface action to speak of but a keeper fish was caught on the very first cast of the day in one of the usual spots!  Bring it on, the season begins…

The boat is coming along!  Cross your fingers that we see the Gravy back in the water in the next week or so!!!  That may be optimistic but as last summer’s post points out, it’s optimism (and sometimes a poor memory) that keeps fishermen coming back to repeat the same mistakes.

June promises to be a great month for striper fishing so keep tying those flies and get ready to check out the Gravy’s new ride!

See you soon.

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