rings around the sun

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picture of the sky with rings around the sun

It does­n’t hap­pen often, those rings around the sun, but it hap­pens. Just like a day of zero fish. It does­n’t hap­pen often, but it happens…

Today was a zero fish day. It was­n’t even, a “we had some good looks”, “big hits”, or “excit­ing fol­lows”, kind of day. We saw noth­ing. The most entic­ing thing we saw were birds work­ing on float­ing marsh grass. Yep, the birds were hov­er­ing, as though over fish, but they were just set­tling onto the wads of marsh grass that were float­ing on the water, the rem­nants of last nights night’s extra­or­di­nar­i­ly high (full moon) tide.

We did see a large school of men­haden, a real­ly ele­gant school of small fish turn­ing in uni­son. My client was mes­mer­ized by the men­haden, she said it made her think of one of David Atten­bor­ough’s nature films. 

Today was also the first day I’ve seen any seals in the har­bor, and we saw two of them. One of them was quite curi­ous and came up very close to the boat to check us out. Although many fish­er­men dis­like seals, I can’t help but appre­ci­ate their cute whiskered faces. Nev­er­the­less, when the seals are around, it’s a pret­ty safe bet that the fish will not be biting.

Sandy Neck Light­house — Barn­sta­ble Harbor

How­ev­er, even thought the fish­ing was ter­ri­ble, the beau­ty was abun­dant. Barn­sta­ble Har­bor nev­er disappoints. 

And those rings around the sun, omi­nous per­haps, yet quite magnificent.