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September Fishing

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September Fly Fishing Cape Cod

September Fishing

The calendar may still read August, nevertheless, September Fishing is here.  The birds are all over the harbor, chasing schools of striped bass and making their mark on all of the boats moored in the harbor.

Barnstable Harbor fly fishing has some of its best fishing during the fall striper run.  The harbor gets mellow as the marshes turn golden and summer fades away opening the door for fall and its colours.  At this point the bait is largely sand eels and peanut bunker.  The menhaden have yet to find their way here, nevertheless, we anticipate their imminent arrival.

For those not yet accustomed to throwing a fly, Salty Fly Cape Cod fishing charters can give you a hand.  Conditions permitting, the good ship “Gravy” is the perfect casting platform for some trial casts (of course, there is no better place to practice than your own backyard).

If spinning rods are your preferred fishing tool, come try the latest and greatest lure Cape Cod has to offer, the Albie Snax.  Although Cape Cod Bay and Barnstable Harbor are not typically albie fishing territories, stripers love to slurp up these delicious little rubber sand eel imitations.

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