Spring fish­ing is around the cor­ner, how­ev­er, if you go out­side today you’d won­der why.  It’s chilly.  And windy.   Oh yeah, that’s a Cape Cod spring.

The whales are in the bay.  Right whales in record num­bers.  The her­ring are mak­ing their way up the runs into the ponds for their last hur­rah.

And the Gravy (my boat) slow­ly is being rebuilt into a lean machine.  Bri­an’s Out­boards has rebuilt the stringers with “core­cell” foam which is 90% imper­me­able.  No more rot on this boat!!!!

May 15th!  That’s the date I plan for the boat to be in the water and ready to go!  Cross your fin­gers!