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Spring is Show Time

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Spring is Show Time!

Spring is Show Time for fishermen across New England. Next week is the Rhode Island Saltwater Show in Providence, and the following weekend, it’s Red Top!

Capt. Avery and her dog Bigelow at the LL Bean Spring Fishing Expo
Capt. Avery & Bigelow at LL Bean

Last weekend I spent two days at LL Bean‘s Spring Fishing Expo. Freeport, Maine was still snow covered but the fishermen were out in force.

I love the LL Bean show because I love Maine and its people. Everybody was enthusiastic about fishing, about LL Bean and about St. Croix fishing rods. There were so many stories about how St. Croix had performed so well, or about the St. Croix warranty. “St. Croix for Life” was quoted to me by several different fishermen.

I also had a chance to cross with Bob Mallard. Bob was the inspiration behind the book 50 Best Places: Fly Fishing the Northeast. The chapter on Cape Cod Bay was contributed by me. Bob is currently working to preserve and protect native fish through the Native Fish Coalition. I look forward to seeing this organization grow and expand across New England waters.

Next weekend, March 23rd, I’ll be at the Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing Show. Stop by the St. Croix Fishing Rods booth and say hello!