the season begins

Lobster boat in front of Sandy Neck Lighthouse on Barnstable harbor

The sea­son begins with the first fish…

After almost a week of strong steady east­er­ly winds, the fog rolled in and the seas calmed.

Many fish­er­man have their beliefs as to when the first fish arrive in the har­bor. Some say its with the first blooms of the wis­te­ria bush­es that the fish arrive. For me it’s the cal­en­dar… Cin­co de Mayo, my niece’s birthday.

Last week’s brief Fri­day morn­ing trip yield­ed no fish, how­ev­er, the gur­gler fly I had tied (first time every) looked good skirt­ing across the water. Today’s first cast yield­ed a tug. More than sev­er­al casts lat­er, a fish got hooked and the sea­son begins.

the season begins with Capt Avery Revere holding a striped bass caught on the fly

Cross your fin­gers that the 2022 striper sea­son will yield lots of fish.

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