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the season begins

Lobster boat in front of Sandy Neck Lighthouse on Barnstable harbor

The season begins with the first fish…

After almost a week of strong steady easterly winds, the fog rolled in and the seas calmed.

Many fisherman have their beliefs as to when the first fish arrive in the harbor. Some say its with the first blooms of the wisteria bushes that the fish arrive. For me it’s the calendar… Cinco de Mayo, my niece’s birthday.

Last week’s brief Friday morning trip yielded no fish, however, the gurgler fly I had tied (first time every) looked good skirting across the water. Today’s first cast yielded a tug. More than several casts later, a fish got hooked and the season begins.

the season begins with Capt Avery Revere holding a striped bass caught on the fly

Cross your fingers that the 2022 striper season will yield lots of fish.

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