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The Stripers Are Coming…

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Boat on Trailer with Car

Ok, I couldn’t resist. Massachusetts’ Patriots Day that celebrates my famous ancestor is right around the corner. And yes, the stripers are coming very soon.

The slip fees are almost fully paid, the boat is getting a fresh wax job and a coat of bottom paint and the spring commissioning of the engine and mechanical parts is imminent. Afterwards, all lockers are wiped clean and the equipment re-stored into its various hideaways. The gear gets prepared. Spinning rods are lined with fresh monofilament, and fly lines are checked cleaned, while reels of both types are checked and lubed and ready for the 2020 Fishing Season.

Of course, with current state of uncertainty around just about everything, it remains to be seen exactly when the charter season will begin. However, on my calendar, May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, my nieces birthday, however you want to say it, marks the first day of striper season on Barnstable Harbor.

the stripers are coming

I’m not going to say precisely where the first fish show up, but I will say that despite popular lore, I think that some of the most magnificent fish of the season are the first ones to arrive.

The other great thing about early season fishing is that there aren’t very many other boats on the water. Sure, there are some weekend warriors that show up. For example, the guys from upstate New York that love to fish the big nor’easter storms and then brag about all the fish they caught as they slurp down frosty beers at the Mattakeese Wharf Restaurant, or The Dolphin Restaurant.

These are some of my favorite things about spring striper fishing: the anticipation, the freshly primped boat, the new line on the spinning reels, and mostly, the striped bass themselves.

Follow the Stripers & Check Out These Resources

Below is one of the On The Water magazine Striped Bass Migration Maps.

On The Water Magazine Striped Bass Migration Map

This map is from a few days ago… Here’s a link that will help you navigate to the latest map:


Another great resource while you await the soon coming fishing season are these podcasts from the Saltwater Edge Tackle Store. BTW, Saltwater Edge is a great shop for spin and fly fishing gear. Bears Den in Taunton is my other go-to source for fly gear. Both these stores have a lot of fly tying materials and other fishing gear. Both offer Online and Phone Sales. Of course, my local source for all things for spin fishing is the Powderhorn in Hyannis. Andy is a gem and will help even the novice fisherman to get exactly the right gear. Be sure to mention my name when you go to the Powderhorn, I need the credit! 🙂

The Stripers are coming…

When we all finally get out of the house, let’s go fishing. I am booking charters now for any date after May 15th. As my last blog states, we may have to limit the number of anglers on the boat to one or two, at least for the beginning of the season.

Until then, everybody stay healthy. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss the 2020 Striper Season!