As many of you know, last spring my fuel tank went bad.  Last summer I ran the boat with a 12 gallon portable fuel tank.  There were many trips to the fuel dock as 12 gallons of gas was enough for two trips, but not enough for two trips and peace of mind.

Further inspection revealed that the problems were more significant than a punky fuel tank.  Not only was the fuel tank contaminated, the entire deck of the boat was saturated with water and the backbone of the hull, the stringers were rotted.  Suffice it to say, the repairs are costing the amount a semester’s tuition at a private college.

Brian Ackell from Brian’s Outboards is rebuilding the innards of the hull (almost from scratch) with lightweight core materials and epoxies.  I’m hoping this gains us an inch or so in draft, enabling the Gravy to get in just a bit more shallow waters.

I’ll keep updating with pictures as progress continues.

Looking forward to a great season of fishing the shallow waters in a renewed boat.