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Romancing the sea

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Today, the final day of Feb­ru­ary, the snow is fly­ing and I’m “romanc­ing the sea” with a book that embod­ies the “a love of salt­wa­ter fish­ing”. Artist Kib Bramhal­l’s “Bright Waters, Shin­ing Tides” will make every­one want to become either… Read More »Romanc­ing the sea

olive & white clouser flies next to red tomatoes

MIdsummer’s Fly tying

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It hap­pens every year, the Mid­sum­mer’s Fly Tying after­noon. It’s usu­al­ly a hot after­noon, the recre­ation­al boat­ing fleet is find­ing its way out in the har­bor and bay, and I sit at my table tying some flies to re-load my… Read More »MIdsummer’s Fly tying

Woman Fly Casting

Women’s fly casting clinic

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To be fair, both men and women uti­lize the same tech­niques for actu­al­ly cast­ing a fly rod. In fact, women are often more suc­cess­ful at the onset as they typ­i­cal­ly don’t “mus­cle” the fly rod. Nev­er­the­less, from a learn­ing per­spec­tive,… Read More »Women’s fly cast­ing clinic