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#barnstable harbor fly fishing

#Barnstable Harbor fly fishing

#Barnstable Harbor fly fishing is some of Cape Cod’s best.  Salty Fly Cape Cod offers inshore trips in and around Barnstable Harbor.  We follow the fish as they make their way around the area chasing the bait.

Come fish aboard the Jones Brothers 21′ center console and enjoy a comfortable day on the water.

This season, Salty Fly Cape Cod is excited to show off our brand new Cheeky Spray fly reels.  Cheeky has proven to offer a reliable and durable saltwater fly reel.  Add a nice RIO fly line and your set up is complete.

July Fishing Report: Silouetted man with fishing rod and halo of sun behind him

Fishing Report

How about it, an actual Fishing Report under the Fishing Report menu… Today is July 7th, and it’s fair to say we are in the summer part of the fishing season. What do I mean by that? The fish are… Read More »Fishing Report

Romancing the sea

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Today, the final day of February, the snow is flying and I’m “romancing the sea” with a book that embodies the “a love of saltwater fishing”. Artist Kib Bramhall’s “Bright Waters, Shining Tides” will make everyone want to become either… Read More »Romancing the sea

olive & white clouser flies next to red tomatoes

MIdsummer’s Fly tying

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It happens every year, the Midsummer’s Fly Tying afternoon. It’s usually a hot afternoon, the recreational boating fleet is finding its way out in the harbor and bay, and I sit at my table tying some flies to re-load my… Read More »MIdsummer’s Fly tying