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Barnstable Harbor Fly Fishing

Barnstable Harbor Fly Fishing

Barnstable Harbor fly fishing is some of Cape Cod’s best. Salty Fly Cape Cod offers inshore trips in and around Barnstable Harbor. We follow the fish as they make their way around the area chasing the bait.

Come fish aboard the Jones Brothers 21′ center console and enjoy a comfortable day on the water.

This season, Salty Fly Cape Cod is excited to show off our brand new Cheeky Spray fly reels. Cheeky has proven to offer a reliable and durable saltwater fly reel. Add a nice RIO fly line and your set up is complete.

Bonefishing in the Bahamas, guide and angler on a flats boat ready to fish

BusMan’s Holiday

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So they say that a busman’s holiday is time away from work when you do something similar to your usual work instead of having a rest from it. Bonefishing in Bahamas might qualify as a busman’s holiday for a fishing… Read More »BusMan’s Holiday

Picture of an engine block strapped into the back of a car

Your Motor is Toast!

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It’s never a great day when your outboard mechanic shakes their head and says “Your motor is toast!” Those were his words last November after a diagnostic test that revealed that three out of four cylinders on my 2005 Yamaha… Read More »Your Motor is Toast!

picture of the sky with rings around the sun

rings around the sun

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It doesn’t happen often, those rings around the sun, but it happens. Just like a day of zero fish. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens… Today was a zero fish day. It wasn’t even, a “we had some good… Read More »rings around the sun

Man on a sand flat fly fishing

Fly Fishing and COVID-19

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Fly Fishing and COVID-19 Fly Fishing during the year of COVID-19, like everything else in our lives, will likely be different than in past seasons.  What exactly that means, is yet to be determined.  Of course, you are “social distancing” … Read More »Fly Fishing and COVID-19